Stuff in books

Writing in anthologies, paperback journals.


‘Stolen Coat’ (poem) in On The Banks (The Collins Press)


‘Vlogging at the National Gallery’ (story) in London Journal of Fiction, issue 1 (LJF)


Sound Waves (story) in Rarebit (Parthian)


‘California Über Alles’ (story) in Punk Fiction: Short Stories Inspired by Punk “As with most compilations of short stories, especially those based on songs, punk fiction is a mixed bag, but onewith enough that hits home to make it worthwhile, particularly as it’s for a good cause…Lane Ashfeldt’s ‘California Über Alles’ stands out for its bold use of the second person, and the bleak picture it portrays of life on the streets of Berlin.” Penny Black Music


‘Snowmelt’ (story) in Dancing with Mr Darcy (Harper Collins / Honno) The twenty stories that make up this entertaining anthology were part of a competition with defined rules. In ‘Snowmelt’ by Lane Ashfeldt, a librarian fears the extinction of the bound book is upon us as she visits the Chawton House Library… – Midwest Book Review

Short Circuitjpg.jpg

Building a World (chapter) in Short Circuit: A Guide to the Art of the Short Story  (Salt Books)


‘Dead Angels’ (story) in Down the Angel and Up Holloway (Pulp Net)


‘The Bells at Christchurch’ (story) in What We Were Thinking  (Green Press)


‘Dancing on Canvey’ (story) in The Fish Prize Anthology (Fish Publishing)

After The End Pill Hill Press: ‘Eerie, hair-raising, fast-paced short stories of the Apocalypse…with stories from award-winning authors Jo Cannon and Lane Ashfeldt…’

‘The Black Line’ in My First Time  (SoftCopy Publishing)

‘Catching the Tap-Tap to Cayes de Jacmel’ (story) in A Lime Jewel  (Haiti Benefit anthology) >>VIDEO: reading of ‘Catching the Tap-Tap to Cayes de Jacmel’ at the launch