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The Dublin Review by Post

Secret. Best thing about having a story in The Dublin Review? (Revolution postage stamps aside.) Earning a contributor listing below Antonin Artaud, whose ‘An absented-minded person of the student type’ from Issue 1 of the Review is essential reading. Artaud’s penniless travels in Ireland are traced here in official letters, but despite being told at one remove the story is one we can all identify with. The compelling ‘Rough Sleeper’ by Arnold Thomas Fanning in the current issue explores similar experiences from a lucid insider perspective. Haven’t read the whole issue yet, am saving the rest for a longish journey coming up,  but it all looks good… The Dublin Review can be bought here. Or to win a copy, just add a comment below. Optional tie-breaker: name an Irish band you will be listening to this winter, and why. Entries close Friday 16 December 2016, so the prize can reach the winner by that day. Oh, and here’s a pic of the prize to motivate you.


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21 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Dublin Review

  1. Safia says:

    The Saw Doctors because I miss the West of Ireland in winter more than any other time!

    • Hi Safia Nothing to do with order of entry or musical preference, but your name was first out of the hat, and will email to ask for your address. Thanks to all who took part (even those nice shy people who sent other kinds of messages or did not wantto wrestle with the prove-you’re-not-a-robot thing). It has been really nice to listen to some of these again and to others for the first time. Wishing you all the best for 2017. Lane

      • Safia says:

        And Happy New Year to you too, Lane. Thanks again for running this competition – a great and generous idea and I’m only delighted to have won!

  2. Bill Lloyd says:

    Congratulations on publication! I have read issues of the Dublin Review in the past and I know it is always to a very high standard. I will be listening to ‘New Road’ tomorrow evening (10/12/16) in Geneva. Why? Because they’re a great Irish band and it’s a benefit gig in aid of an Indian orphanage. See:

  3. Cath Barton says:

    Hi Lane – it would be great to win this. I’m listening to Saint Sister – great blend from Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre.

  4. Congratulations, Lane, on your story in The Dublin Review. You’re in good company. Very drawn to the ‛Rough Sleeper’ piece as well.

    I’m listening to The Strypes. ‛Blue Collar Jane’ turns out to be a bit of an ear-worm. And they remind me what it is to be young!

    • Thanks, Maria. Nice videos, not very Cavan-y looking, but I guess that’s not the point. The Strypes seem from the 1960s/80s, more than a particular place.

  5. SJ Moran says:

    Cool, I would love to read this. I listen to The Waterboys all the time, and even if they’re not all Irish, the divine Sharon Shannon plays with them sometimes so they must count, I think, no?

  6. Won’t argue with that. (Have spotted Sharon xmas-duetting with Shane McG…) Your name goes in the hat on Friday!

  7. John Nolan says:

    Well Lane
    It has to be ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ by Thin Lizzy. Christmas 1972 brings back some great memories. The same year I did the Inter Cert (yes that’s what it was called back then) so it was an awakening for me and my buddies (and in more ways than one!). It showed how Irish folk could be mixed with rock guitar and put us on the world stage – a great guitar intro in there also. I’d like to say it was the curtain raiser to the likes of Riverdance et al. Happy Christmas… I’ll do anything to be in that draw! Keeping the fingers crossed.

  8. Colm Mac an Iomaire, strictly speaking a solo artist but what he does with that fiddle and those pedals and layering-up, it’s like listening to a band. Moving, magical music of the best kind.

  9. saramcrowley says:

    Congratulations on the great publication, Lane. I’d love to read.
    I’ll be listening to Damien Rice this winter because his voice feels like a beautiful, achy truth. Not a band, I know, but solo he creates such an immense sound with his guitar and loop pedal that he may as well be.

  10. Martin Black says:

    Damn, missed the competition, my choice would be The Outcasts because they were the REAL THING xx

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