Bumper edition of The Lonely Crowd

Happy to have couple of pieces on the way in the new Lonely Crowd anthology, which features suitably chill cover art by writer Jo Mazelis. The Lonely Crowd is a series of anthologies of fiction, poetry and photography. Publications like this are so important, because they provide a space to experiment and to play with words (and images). Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet but… It’s so nice that The Lonely Crowd exists as a print publication as well as having a healthy online presence. So am really looking forward to receiving my print copy, and leaving it lying around so that friends, family and visitors visit can pick it up, dip in and out, and talk about it, without a smartphone or a laptop in sight!

The Lonely Crowd is edited by writer John Lavin (read one of his stories online here) and costs £9 a pop, P&P free from TLC direct


The Winter edition, out in early January 2017, is Number 6 in the series, and features new writing by: Robert Minhinnick, Nuala O’Connor, Niall Griffiths, Tom Vowler, Constantinos Andronis, Ingrid Casey, Ellen Davies, Diana Powell, Rhian Elizabeth, Sue Moules, Tony Bianchi, Lander Hawes, Anne Griffin, Emily Devane, Susmita Bhattachary, Paul Davenport-Randell, Iain Robinson, Richard Smyth, Mark Blayney, Mari Ellis Dunning, Nora Shychuk, Derwen Morfayel, John Saul, Neil Campbell, Bethany W. Pope, Kelly Creighton, Alys Conran, Jackie Gorman, Kate North and Jeanette Sheppard.

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2 thoughts on “Bumper edition of The Lonely Crowd

  1. I’m so excited to receive mine! Think it’s in the post right now :)

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