Rarebit is launching in Cardiff on Short Story Day (21 December 2013). If you are in Cardiff the tour kicks off at 2pm, outside Waterstones Cardiff (The Hayes) and will criss cross central Cardiff until 4pm. Full info from Parthian Books

I am very pleased to be among the writers whose stories make up the Rarebit anthology. Writer and editor Susie Wild’s selection is bound to prove interesting. As an actual physical book Rarebit should be rather special as Cardiff artist John Abell has made a woodcut for each story. (More about the book here and the artist here). Personally I love the visual simplicity of woodcuts, and even did a class once to learn how to make them. They look simple but are hard work: you get this thing like a screwdriver with a V-shape at the end, and have to gouge out chunks of wood with it, working in negative. I still have not seen a copy as I have been stuck at home with a bad cold, watching light coatings of snow bring a look of seasonal glitter to the town, but the book can be bought at good bookshops or ordered from the publisher.

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4 thoughts on “Rarebit

  1. Irena Pasvinter says:


  2. Congratulations, Lane! How beautiful a book to be in!

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